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auto safety features to keep our teens safe

When choosing a car for a teenage driver, you have got to keep safety in mind. Sure, we would all love to go out and buy a $500 clunker for our teens to drive, but will that car keep our teens safe as they learn to master the many skills of driving? I created this blog to help other parents identify cars that will keep their teens as safe as possible while driving out on their own. I have studied and researched to find all of the safety features that will provide optimum safety for our teens during their early days of driving and beyond.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Using Your New Backup Camera

If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle that comes with backup assist, you might expect that the camera will make life much easier and will make it much safer to back up. This is true to some extent, but it also depends on how you use the backup camera.

Know Your Blindspots

Backup cameras make everyone safer because they substantially increase visibility. You are less likely to back into another vehicle and pedestrians are also less likely to be hit by your vehicle as you are backing up. However, there is still a blind spot near the rear bumper and you may not be able to see something if it is very low to the ground.

You may want to test your car to determine where the rear bumper is in relation to the camera. You will want to be able to gauge how far away an object is before you would end up colliding with it.

Learn About the Sounds That the Camera Makes

Oftentimes, a backup camera will make a sound when it detects that you are about to collide with an object. If this is the case, you will want to find out what this sound is like so you will understand what your car is trying to tell you.

Make sure you also understand what the lines mean. When using the backup camera, there will usually be lines displayed over the video image that will tell you information such as the direction your vehicle will move as it moves in reverse.

Clean Off the Camera

Make sure that the camera is not covered by dirt or debris. Otherwise, you may not be able to make full use of it. You should use a microfiber cloth because this will be less likely to scratch the lense. Also, use a cleaner that is designed to be used with electronics. 

Head to a Dealership to Purchase a Car with a Backup Camera

While figuring out how to use a car with a backup camera can come with a small learning curve, you should still consider purchasing a car from an auto dealership when it comes with a backup camera, collision detection, or any of the other high-tech safety features being implemented in newer cars. You are still able to use traditional methods, such as your rear and side-view mirrors, and there is no reason not to purchase a car that comes with these additional safety features.

Look at different makes and models of vehicles like Ford vehicles to find one that has the features you want.