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auto safety features to keep our teens safe

When choosing a car for a teenage driver, you have got to keep safety in mind. Sure, we would all love to go out and buy a $500 clunker for our teens to drive, but will that car keep our teens safe as they learn to master the many skills of driving? I created this blog to help other parents identify cars that will keep their teens as safe as possible while driving out on their own. I have studied and researched to find all of the safety features that will provide optimum safety for our teens during their early days of driving and beyond.

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Choosing The Best Tires For Your Nissan Sentra

One of the best parts of buying a new car is enjoying trouble-free motoring without worrying about repairs or maintenance. Of course, the honeymoon period eventually ends for all vehicles, and you'll eventually need to start thinking about consumables. Tires are one of the most critical components on any vehicle and often one of the first things you'll need to replace on a new car.

If you have a relatively new 7th or 8th generation Sentra, there's a good chance that you may be coming up on your first tire replacement. This guide will help you select the best tires for your car so you can maintain or even improve its factory performance.

How Does Your Sentra's Trim Level Affect Your Tire Choice?

Nissan uses a relatively straightforward set of trim levels for many of its cars, and trim levels will often have the most substantial impact on your tire choices. For 8th generation models, you may have an S, SV, or SR model. Older 7th generation Sentras also included an SL model and a racier NISMO trim with a turbocharged engine and some other extras.

Higher trim levels come with larger wheels, although the exact specifications can vary from year-to-year. You need to match your tire selection to the wheel size on your car, so expect to pay slightly more for tire replacements if you have a trim level that comes with larger wheels. Some options, such as the premium package, may also mean that your car has larger wheels from the factory.

What Other Factors Should You Consider?

Your driving environment will also matter for tire selection. Nissan selects tires from the factory that provide good all-around performance. Since the Sentra is a front-wheel-drive car, you can expect it to perform reasonably well in adverse conditions, even when driving on all-season tires. However, you may be able to choose better tires for your climate.

For example, if you live in an area with severe winters, you may want to upgrade to snow tires for the cold months. These tires provide drastically better grip in snowy conditions, allowing you to tackle stormy weather with more safety and confidence. On the other hand, summer tires can offer more performance if you live in an area that doesn't typically face snow or ice.

If you aren't sure, it's never a bad idea to replace your aging tires with the same brand that came with your car from the factory. Your local Nissan dealership may also be able to offer some advice on specific tires that will work for your vehicle and environment. Whichever option you choose, it's critical to replace your tires as soon as you notice the tread wearing beyond minimum levels

For more information about Nissan tires, contact a local tire shop.