auto safety features to keep our teens safe

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auto safety features to keep our teens safe

When choosing a car for a teenage driver, you have got to keep safety in mind. Sure, we would all love to go out and buy a $500 clunker for our teens to drive, but will that car keep our teens safe as they learn to master the many skills of driving? I created this blog to help other parents identify cars that will keep their teens as safe as possible while driving out on their own. I have studied and researched to find all of the safety features that will provide optimum safety for our teens during their early days of driving and beyond.

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How To Improve The Number Of Auto Sales Your Business Makes

You want to sell as many vehicles as possible in order to make the most profit. The thing is though, there are going to be times in which you see that there is a decrease in sales and you might not know why that is. To help make sure that you are able to kick things up a notch, especially when it seems as though sales are dropping, you will want to spend a little time going over the following suggestions:

Expand Your Hours Of Operation

Too many car lots close their doors on the weekends and they close around five or six in the evening. While that does allow a good amount of people the chance to talk with you about buying a car, it's not as many as it would be if you were open more hours or for different hours. For example, you might pick a couple of days a week when you open later, such as noon, so you can stay open until later in the evening. If you have to hire additional staff, it will be worth it in the end.

Provide Gift Certificates To All Buyers

If your shop offers some maintenance services, such as oil changes, tire alignments, and the replacement of windshield wiper blades, you will want to take advantage of that. You can create a sales offer where you give buyers a gift certificate worth a set amount of money, to be used on their maintenance needs. That incentive, if good enough, is likely to draw in a lot of people.

Interact With The Community

You can build a social media profile for your company and use that as a great way to conduct some marketing. You can give back to your community by creating educational posts and videos. For example, you can share helpful information about how to always get the best mileage on a vehicle, how to know when they need new brakes, or even how to change their own oil in case they ever wanted to give it a try.

The more of those suggestions you take advantage of, the more likely it is that you will notice an increase in the volume of vehicles you sell in a given month. Give people the incentive to come check out the cars on your car sales park lot and help them do just that by offering extended or altered business hours. This way, the people that work the standard business days and hours can still check out the vehicles on your lot.